Within the boundaries of the funeral directors’ professional fee, funeral directors who are professional and competently trained will carefully prepare the deceased. Our company makes the commitment that regardless of whether the families have requested to see the person who has died again or not, we will perform our duties in a gentle, professional, and ethical way by preparing and dressing the person in the clothing that has been provided by the family.

What is meant by “preparing the person” is that we will place them in the coffin/casket selected by the family and give them the appearance of resting, as though they are asleep.

On some occasions where the death of the person has been unnatural or traumatic, we will attempt to restore and repair any change made to their usual appearance. This process can take a significant amount of time and careful consideration. Discussion between you as a family and the funeral director must also take place to ensure that your expectations and understanding of the outcome is what can actually be done to restore and repair any injuries that may have been sustained.