The Consignee is the person receiving the freight again generally a Funeral Director, human remains are precious cargo, which requires specific care and attention on arrival at its destination.

All international Air carriers have similar standard operating procedures built on the ideals of respect. The first cargo to be unloaded from an international air flight should be a casket bearing Human remains.

The Consignee is the person who is responsible to take the deceased into their care on arrival at the country of destination. This on most occasions is a professional Funeral Director. On some occasions though, the Consignee can be the family of the deceased in the absence of a Funeral Director.

It is the Consignee’s responsibility to commit to be awaiting the arrival of the deceased at the airport of destination, at the time of arrival to take into his/her casket into care, after Customs and Quarantine have been checked and cleared by the appropriate documentation.

The Consignee must also have an adequate vehicle to transfer the deceased to the funeral facility on arrival. The Consignee may also be required to pay any import tax or custom tariff on arrival to the country of designation.