The process of what’s called an OK to forward be what the booking process is called to send an NHS or Natural Human Specimen from one country to the next. It is the term used to give the green light to forward all types of freight within the world after all approvals have been ascertained.

The Consignor will contact the airline generally via a professional freight forwarder to create the freight or flight booking.
At this point an air weigh bill is created which is the international system for the systematic direction and tracking of all items of freight.

The departing airline will contact the airline at the arrival destination to seek the commitment of the Consignee or receiving Funeral Director to agree to the above criteria as the Consignee.

This process is then reversed back to Consignor or sending Funeral Director and the consignment is endorsed as OK to Forward, only then can the booking be confirmed.

It should be noted with time and date line difference this can sometimes take 24-48 hours.