Most travel insurances have an automatic coverage in the event of death abroad of the traveller. This coverage is generally underwritten by one of the five major insurance underwriters in the world e.g: Lloyds of London. These insurances generally have limits or a value attached to them in US dollars.

Along with travel insurance some credit card providers come with travel protection involved in the purchase of travel.
Overseas employment and in some cases international studies have insurance attached to them where the person required to work or study involves staying in foreign countries. In the event of a death aboard all of these avenues of insurance should be considered for coverage.

Most travel insurers will require verifying documents such as Coroner’s or police reports, in some cases, pre-existing medical conditions may nullify some insurance claims.

Once approved most insurance companies will provide payment guarantees. When provided, Integrity International will affect International Transfers with these written guarantees in place.