Arranging your funeral online

Due to the complexity of arranging a funeral , a fully online option is not practical. However, we have a downloadable booklet to assist you through the process. The Personal Choices Program incorporates all the information you will need. As do the infiormation and documents available on this website.

Pre Arranging a Funeral
Integrity Funeral Plan of Australia provides some distinct advantages. It eases the emotional pressure on loved ones by documenting your wishes and providing peace of mind that your funeral service is conducted according to your personal choices. We bring people the peace of mind of having funeral plans set in place well in advance of when they will be needed and this is fed by our professional understanding of the processes involved and our personal experience of being caught without a plan when faced with sudden deaths in our family.

Funeral Finance
Funeral Assistâ„¢ is our simple payment plan and it does not involve you answering any embarrassing questions about your life or your income.

Download the Integrity Funerals Personal Choices Program.