Rowan Steer
General Manager and Partner

Rowan has been involved in the funeral industry for nearly three decades. He believes the first step in celebrating a lifetime’s journey is talking to someone you can trust who will do as you ask. His dual focus is on the professional service the company provides and on the joy of being involved in the more tender moments of life. Rowan has been involved in a wide range of funerals, from major traumatic public events, State Funerals, Kings and paupers (literally) and normal everyday people like you and me who face the loss that death brings.

He is recognised nationally and internationally as an expert in the repatriation of someone who has died, returning them home to their country of origin. There are few places in the world where his experience does not extend.

Rowan is a past President of the Queensland Division of the Australian Funeral Directors Association and is a past National Councillor with the National Executive of this peak industry body. This honorary role seeks to enhance the professionalism and integrity of the funeral industry in Australia and, in particular, Queensland. Rowan wants the service he provides you to allow you to look back, While sometimes bittersweet, on the funeral as a marked and cherished experience, an important day that brings respect and honour to your loved one.

Rowan Steer MASTER PIC