Most family members only ever see the end price of a funeral. There is a perception that the entire cost of the funeral originates with the funeral director. That is not the case. Many of the costs that arise come from your personal choices and from services provided by other parties.  We trust that you will find the following breakdown of costs helpful.

The best way to understand funeral costs is to consider them in two distinct categories:

• The funeral director’s costs, or the items and services provided directly by the company; and
• Disbursements, or the items and services administered by the funeral director but provided and charged for by others. 

The funeral director’s charges 

All funeral directors charge a professional fee.  At Russell Firth Integrity Funerals our professional fees cover the following matters:

• Availability of professionally trained staff 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, to care for your family’s needs;
• Safe, secure and gentle care of your loved one in properly secured premises;
• Washing, dressing and preparation of your loved one for viewing;
• Private facilities for viewing your loved one within business hours;
• The choice of our fleet of hearses in either burgundy, black or white;
• Conducting, managing and attending to your loved one’s funeral at the place of your family’s choice;
• Liaising with clergy, celebrants, cemetery and crematoria facilities, florists, newspaper publications, musicians and caterers;
• Attending to registration of the death and adhering to local government regulatory bodies and their statutory requirements;
• Secure and professional transportation of your loved one during business hours from the place of death into our care
• Ongoing care and support for you and your family, as the need arises in the future, including introduction to qualified grief counsellors, the provision of grief-recovery literature, and information for relevant support networks in your local area.

In addition to the professional fees, the other major item in the funeral director’s charges is the coffin or casket.