Our passion to provide excellent service
The best we can offer… from your first enquiry to our last handshake, we want you to receive the best service that we can offer. When someone you love dies you look for someone you can trust to help you. The many decisions to be made at this difficult time can be burdensome.

We lift the burden
We are here to lift the burden from your shoulders. The Integrity Funerals team have their hearts set towards the compassionate care of the people and families who seek our help.  Each member of the team values compassion, excellence, respect for your wishes, attention to detail and support for you, our client, throughout the entire funeral process.

Compassionate professionalism
Compassionate professionalism is the hallmark of all that we do – taking your loved one into our care, interviewing you to arrange the funeral, administering the many details on your behalf, preparing for and taking care of the funeral itself. We continually strive to meet and exceed your expectations in the quality of care given to you and your loved one.

A personalised funeral
We are driven by providing you with a personalised funeral tailored to your wishes to help you move forward from the day with the knowledge that you have done the very best to honour and farewell your loved one.

We understand respect
One of the old phrases that we still sometimes associate with funerals is “… to pay our last respects”. As a society we still link funerals and respect. So it is appropriate to express our respect for our loved ones at their death by means of the funeral ceremony.

We understand the importance of memories
Having a funeral service is helpful because it provides an opportunity to bring old memories together and the opportunity to make new ones. Often a momentous time during the funeral ceremony is the eulogy and compilation and sharing of stories that give insight into the life of the person who has died. In addition, a funeral is a time to create new memories. The warmth and dignity of a meaningful funeral with loving and honest tributes is a powerful medicine to help heal the real pain of bereavement.

We understand the need for closure
Closure is about accepting the sad reality of what has happened and beginning to prepare ourselves to live in this new phase of life without the physical presence of the person who has until now always been there. The funeral, with its music, memories, symbolism and expression of faith or hope, can often set those memories in the context of a good life well lived and help us reach the starting point of resolving our grief.

We give you time
There is a great perception in Australia that a funeral must happen within three days:  the person dies, we organise the funeral, place a funeral notice in the newspaper the next day, attend the funeral, and then go back to work to give the appearance all is well. We would encourage you to take the time you need and with our assistance, achieve a day that you can reflect on, although sometimes with painful memories, but with the understanding that you had the time, funeral information and the power to decide what was best for the one you love and for your family.