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Nov 18

A Few Things To Consider About Natural Burial

Posted by Integrity Funerals

If your loved one was passionate about protecting the environment, you might want to honor this by organizing a natural burial. This has been designed to have a minimal impact on the planet. Here are some things to consider if you are thinking about this greener goodbye.

What Is A Natural Burial?

Simply put, natural burial is designed to avoid any materials or chemicals that could interfere with the decomposition process. As a result, there are a few things that won’t be allowed. For example, the beloved deceased can’t be treated with embalming liquid.

There might also be restrictions placed around the type of caskets that can be used. For example, it’s common to require something that is made of cardboard, which will be more environmentally friendly than a traditional coffin. An alternative is using a wicker casket. In some cases, you might simply opt for a burial shroud.  If you choose a natural burial, Gold Coast funeral directors can help you navigate these rules.

If your loved one was cremated, you will still be able to have a green funeral. You just need to make sure that the ashes are placed into an eco-friendly urn. Sometimes, a seed packet will be included with the ashes.

No Grave Markers

It’s common for a natural burial site to avoid using traditional headstones. Instead, you might need to use a wooden marker. At other times, you might bury your loved one near a natural feature, like a tree or a stone boulder. Within a few months, the burial site should go back to its natural appearance. Because of this, it’s common to receive GPS coordinates, so you can find the burial site again. Sometimes, these grave sites can be in rugged terrain, which can be a little hard to access for those with mobility issues.

Graves Are Typically Dug By Hand

In order to minimize the emissions released by the operation of mechanical equipment it’s common for natural burial graves to be dug by hand. As a result, they might be shallower than a conventional grave, three feet compared to the standard six. Gold Coast funeral homes can help you choose the right site and organize for the plot to be dug.

Finding The Right Burial Site

One of the most difficult parts of Gold Coast funeral planning is finding the location to hold a natural burial. There are a handful of places within Queensland that will accommodate these funerals. Alternatively, you can bury a loved one on private land. But you will need to seek the approval of the local council and the landowner.

Making The Ceremony Environmentally Friendly

While the burial might be eco-friendly, there are a few ways to make the funeral service more environmentally friendly. For example, you might want to send out the invitations digitally, or print them on recycled paper. Another option is to source in-season food from local suppliers. You can also ask mourners to donate to a wildlife charity, rather than bringing flowers.


More Australians are starting to investigate natural burials. If your loved one cared about the planet, you might want to consider this approach to minimize environmental impact while providing a beautifully simple final farewell.