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Helpful Articles

Jul 17

Honouring Life on the Gold Coast: Inspiring Wake Ideas

Posted by Integrity Funerals

The Gold Coast, with its breathtaking beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant community spirit, provides an abundance of unique opportunities to celebrate and honour the life of a loved one. At Integrity Funerals, we strongly believe in making each farewell as personal and meaningful as possible, reflecting not just the individual, but also their connection to our beautiful coastal community. In this light, let’s explore some unique wake ideas that perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the Gold Coast.

  1. Beachside Wake: The Gold Coast is famous for its stunning coastal views. A wake held on the beach or at a beachside venue would enable loved ones to come together against the soothing backdrop of the ocean. Consider elements such as a seaside memory station, a candlelit beach walk at sunset, or a sandcastle-building activity for children.
  2. Rainforest Wake: Embrace the region’s natural beauty by holding a wake in one of the area’s lush rainforests or serene botanical gardens. This could be a shared picnic, a BBQ, or even a tree-planting ceremony to symbolise growth and remembrance amidst nature’s tranquillity.
  3. Boat Cruise Wake: Consider hosting a wake aboard a boat, cruising along the tranquil Nerang River or venturing out into the Pacific Ocean. Incorporate meaningful rituals like scattering biodegradable memorial flowers into the water, or sharing a reflective moment as the sun dips beneath the horizon.
  4. Artistic Wake: If your loved one was passionate about the arts, consider a wake hosted at one of the Gold Coast’s many art galleries or studios. Showcase their work, hold an interactive art session, or encourage guests to create pieces in honour of the departed.
  5. Community-Based Wake: For those who were active in the local community, a wake that honours their contributions would be fitting. This could be held at a community centre, a beloved local park, or a favourite café. Commemorative activities could include a fundraising event for a cause they held dear, a group community service project, or a tribute performance by a local musical group.
  6. Outdoor Sports Wake: If your loved one was an outdoor enthusiast, why not celebrate their life with a wake that reflects this passion? Arrange a group walk in one of the Gold Coast’s many natural trails, a surfing session, or a friendly beach volleyball game, followed by a relaxed BBQ or picnic.

At Integrity Funerals on the Gold Coast, we understand that a wake is a celebration of life – a chance to share memories, laughter, and love. Our compassionate team is here to assist you in organising a wake that mirrors the individuality of your loved one, harnessing the natural beauty and the community spirit of the Gold Coast. In this way, we can honour their life and legacy in a place they cherished.