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Helpful Articles

Nov 15

What the Australian Funeral Directors Association Stands for and Why It Matters

Posted by Integrity Funerals

With all of the different options for funeral homes on the Gold Coast, how can you decide on which one is the right one for your team to work with? One thing to look out for is a funeral home that is associated with the Australian Funeral Directors Association. This article will help you to see what this association stands for and why this matters so much when you are considering which funeral home you want to work with.

What is the Australian Funeral Directors Association?

The Australian Funeral Directors Associate (AFDA) was formed back in 1935. This is an industry body that has firms throughout the different States and Territories across Australia. The AFDA is a public company, one that is limited by guarantee, which is administered by the elected Board with not only offices in 6 divisional offices, but also a national office. The member firms of the AFDA are selected by a majority of families to offer their loved one’s funeral arrangements.

This organization is widely considered to be the authoritative leader on funeral matters, with a primary objective of ensuring high quality services for families and optimizing the funeral experience for loved ones. They accomplish this objective by promoting and enhancing professional funeral standards in the country.

Why This is Important

Why should you look for a funeral director that is a member of AFDA? There are actually a few different reasons why. One of the biggest reasons is organization has a strict code of ethics & conduct for its members. These members are bound to this code, which was created to ensure that the funeral home meets the needs and expectations of the community with these services. They must be in compliance with all of the typical standards required, including the Commonwealth public health standards and the Occupational Health and Safety standards.

There’s also a strict code of ethics that members must abide by. This code of ethics not only states that they comply with the standards and regulations from the Commonwealth, but also to offer transparency and respect to each of their clients. Loved ones of a person who has passed away is going through a lot during this difficult time. They expect confidentiality and respect during his difficult time, especially from the funeral home that they are with. They expect the funeral home will follow the wishes of the loved one. This is something that they get when trusting a member of the AFDA.

It’s important to choose a member of the AFDA because this means that you are working with a reputable company that has taken an oath to only follow the best standards and practices for any funeral service.


Integrity Funerals wants you to better understand this association and why it’s important to look for a funeral director who is a member of this association. This can help you find a reputable team to work with to throw the perfect funeral services for your loved one.