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Helpful Articles

Dec 20

After a Beautiful Funeral Service, What’s Some Unique Wake Ideas?

Posted by Integrity Funerals

Searching through the funeral homes on the Gold Coast is only one step in ensuring that you have a beautiful service and wake for your loved one. You already have a gorgeous funeral service planned for your loved one, but you need to have a wake that is unique and special to honor your loved one. If you are looking for some unique wake ideas, this article has the advice you need to plan a great wake.

Hold a Wake at Their Favorite Dining Establishment/Pub

Did your loved one have a place that they loved to go to? Maybe a favorite local pub, restaurant, or club? If so, see about holding a wake event there. Not only can you have a place where you can unwind after a funeral, but you can keep their memory alive by experiencing something that they loved.

Serve Their Favorite Food and Beverages

Wherever you want to hold the wake, you can honor their memory by making sure their favorite food and drinks are on the menu. To make the moment even more special, you can have all of their favorite items at on a buffet setup with labels. These labels can mention not only what the foods are, but also some backstory on these food items. This could be a funny story about the dish or where they came to love it.

Give Out Party Favors

You may not associate party favors as something you would have at a wake, but this can be a nice touch that your guests will appreciate. This is a small item to say, “Thank you for your support”, but it’s also something that can help your guests remember your loved one. These could be seed packets, small framed pictures, or memorial candles.

Have a Guest Book

Normally at wakes and funerals, you may have a guest book where you just have the guest write their name. But instead, why not have one like you would at a wedding? Give them space to not only write their names, but to also write down any memories or stories in. This can be beneficial to both the guest and you. This gives the guest the ability to share a special moment with you, giving them some peace during their grief. But it also helps you have even more stories and memories that you can read about. This is something that you may want to look back at whenever you feel the need.


Integrity Funerals wants to offer the best advice for the planning process for both pre planning a funeral and wake or for those who are planning these services for a loved one who has passed. These wake ideas can help you plan a remarkable and unique wake that honors your loved one in the most special way. You can make the wake any type of service that you want, from something somber to something more upbeat. You can put on a really special wake for your loved one with these unique ideas.