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Helpful Articles

Jan 20

Flowers in Seasons and Meaning

Posted by Integrity Funerals

Different flowers grow during the various seasons. Each of these flowers have their own special meaning for you to consider. In order to select the perfect floral arrangements for your loved one’s funeral services, you want to make sure that you are selecting the options that truly show how you feel about your loved one. By reading on, you can get a closer look at the different flowers from different seasons, as well as their meanings, to find the perfect options for your needs.


Spring is widely considered to be among the best seasons for seasonal flowers for funerals. Lilies, which are one of the most common funeral flower options, have some of their most beautiful varieties sprouting during spring. Lilies, especially white lilies, represent both sympathy and the new innocence of the soul of your loved one who has passed. Roses are also a year-round flower that are iconic for funerals, which is associated with friendship, love, and respect, depending on the color of the rose.


During the summertime, you have the option for more vibrant flowers. This is especially good when you are honoring loved ones with brighter personalities. You do have some options here that may not be traditional choices, but ones that can perfectly represent who your loved one was during their life. For instance, sunflowers are symbols of loyalty, adoration, and power. These are flowers that create an optimistic and uplifting environment, which is why they can be great options to consider.

Another summer option is the statice flower, which is another non-traditional option. These flowers symbolize remembrance and sympathy, which is why they are a perfect option to consider. These summer flowers come in lavender, pink, and white colors, and pairs very nicely with flower options like lilies and roses.


You have a lot of options for traditional flowers during the autumn season, but you also have great options for non-traditional options as well. Violets represent faithfulness and love, while white violets represent purity. These aren’t traditional choices, but they are beautiful and meaningful options to consider. Another great option for fall is the stock flower. Typically associated with happiness, this flower also represents spiritual purity.

Lastly, there is the poppy. This is an iconic flower due to its association with World War One. As a result, this is a fall flower that is great for military funerals.


A popular winter funeral flower is the jonquil. This is a smaller flower that has an amazing fragrance and comes in warm tones. This flower represents sympathy for those in a difficult situation, making them a beautiful and meaningful choice for funeral flower arrangements. Lastly, there is the hyacinth, which is a classic choice for funerals. This flower represents deep sorrow.


Choosing the right flowers can be extremely important for loved ones who want to truly honor their loved one. Since flowers do have different meanings, it can be essential that you understand the meaning of each flower to select something that represents the relationship you had with the person who has passed away.